1. Any of the students desirous of availing coaching at ACTF is free to choose either of the coaching camps depending upon his own preference and suitable timings. There is no preference to be decided by ACTF, its coaches or any of its employees. If any student finds any kind of influencing remarks or hints from any of the above persons, you are requested to report the same in writing to ACTF management.
  2. After joining a particular camp, a student is free to change his preference if he wishes, at least after a month of training, depending upon the availability and willingness of the other coach.
  3. Any tennis related merchandise purchased from any individual, including the employees or the coaches, is supposed to be strictly a private transaction for convenience of the students. In such cases ACTF does not own any responsibility towards quality, pricing or for the transaction itself. Neither such transactions form part of any requirement by ACTF nor such transaction can influence the availability or quality of coaching. If there is any grievance that arises on this account, ACTF would like to encourage the student to report the same to its management.
  4. ACTF courts are available for coaching (Private or General) only for the students who pay the decided fees directly to ACTF. No individuals are allowed to give coaching on ACTF courts by charging personal fees.
  5. Any fees towards coaching and/or training (Private or General) cannot be paid to any individual or any entity other than to and in the name of ACTF. For all such fees paid, a receipt from ACTF is required to be obtained by the student from ACTF office. Any denial by any recipient of such amounts, whether he is an employee or a coach of ACTF, shall have to be reported to ACTF by the concerned student.
  6. If any student is found paying any such amounts to any of the above individuals without the knowledge of ACTF, he will be liable to be terminated with immediate effect, irrespective of the expiry of his current coaching tenure. ACTF is determined to take necessary punitive steps against the concerned employees or coaches, if any student reports to ACTF for such demands made by individuals.
  7. The fees are required to be paid before starting for the new entrants and within 7 days for the renewing students for each renewal. Penalty for late payments will be charged at Rs. 100 per day of delay.
  8. Private or Selective Group Coaching fees have to be decided with the specific coach from whom private coaching is sought. The fees have to be paid in advance for the decided tenure of coaching. It is important to note that the fees can be decided by the coach and the student mutually, no direct payment to any coach can be made by the student. The fees for private or selective group coaching also have to be paid only to ACTF and appropriate receipt for the paid amount needs to be obtained from ACTF.
  9. Flood light charges will have to be paid over and above the fees mentioned above by the students, when such lights are used during the coaching because of insufficient lighting condition.
  10. General coaching camps batches start on 1st and 15th of every month. Coaching activity is open on all the weekdays except Sundays and Public Holidays. Within a specific coaching camp the duration and timing for coaching is to be mutually decided by the student and the concerned coach based upon the individual need and state of coaching.
  11. ACTF Shall not be responsible for any injuries caused to a trainee white playing on the tennis Courts or any other injuries or mishap within the ACTF Complex.
  12. Parents are strictly not allowed on the tennis court during the coaching hours.
  13. Parents can meet the Coaches ONLY by pre appointment and after the coaching hours.